Curtains in today’s living is not simply used as a coverage to shade off sunlight and individuals’ privacy! They are also very important components in decoration for different kinds of interior. It is so, as curtain fabrics come in several unique and exclusive designs, patterns and colors that will create softer and cozier atmosphere. Every room within every home is different. And we are here to make sure you choose the blinds and curtains that suit your budget and the style of every room in your home.

At Sincere Interior service, we have a large range of designers’ fabrics for all clients. The choice of fabrics is the most important element determining the look of your window treatments. Our curtain fabrics are extraordinary in their breadth of texture, colour and silhouettes, also ranging from light-weight sheers to heavy-weight figure weaves with a selection of over thousands fabrics, of which more than 90% are imported.