Night Curtains

Night curtains are fabric which provides privacy as it blocks or obscure a certain amount of light penetrating through the windows. There are various Night curtains out in the market recently and they are the average normal night curtains, Dim-Out Curtains and Black-Out Night Curtains. Depending on your needs and requirements, you may read out the difference of the mentioned 3 and select what really suits you.

Normal Curtains – The most common type of curtain fabric which provides privacy and shelter out about 10%-50% of light.

Dim-out Curtains – Popular in the Market right now. The Dim-Out Curtain helps to block out 60%-90% of the sunlight depending on the colour of the fabric. Dim-Out curtains are washable and made of 100% Polyester. The thread that are used to fabricate Dim-Out are in black, thus, creating the Dim-out effect .

Blackout Curtains – Blackout curtains provides a 100% blockage of light. The fabric helps to reduce noise and temperature of the room, thereby keeping the room cooler. Blackout fabrics are recommended to be dry clean due to the layer of coating at the back of the fabric.